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The Internet of Skills

I just watched the refreshing TED group talk on the notion of an Interspecies Internet featuring a hero of mine, Neil Gerschenfeld of MIT’s Center of Bits & Atoms, alongside animal cognition expert Diana Reiss, brilliant network guru and evangelist Vint Cerf and the more unlikely “geek band” member musician Peter Gabriel. Loved the idea […]

Eating pizza & making friends

We’re all (well, most of us anyway) on the quest of new relationships. Not necessarily relationships of the romantic kind, but of friends, people we can relate to and who hopefully on some level, relate back to us. In marketing, my line of work and interest, relationships in focus are those to potential new customers, […]

Avocados and crowdsourcing – Squeezing the most out of the intelligent crowd

I love avocados, buy a bunch of them every week. The last few months I’ve been totally disappointed by the non-pleasant brownish surprise lurking under an otherwise neutral, normal looking avocado surface. This made me think about the potential synergetic relationship between avocados and crowdsourcing – Let me explain… So, avocados are stuffed full of […]

The results are in! Stockholm Makerspace gets a crowdfunded start

The results are in folks (oh well, they have been since Dec 18th but I’ve been busy blogging about it at the crowdfunding campaign for Stockholm Makerspace was a success! We used the platform FundedByMe (Swedish equivalent to Kickstarter) Over 30 days, 141 backers supported the cause with a total of 106400 SEK (which […]

Looking back #1: Open Source Hardware Summit

Ok, so with the horizon of a new year approaching I can’t help but look back at a great 2012. So many great moments and people I stumbled across throughout the year. Sort of sucks realizing there’s no way I can recapture the magic in a blog post and in retrospect (plus writing about it […]

Crowdsourcing innovation – 5 platforms that are getting it right

So, I’ve been sort of hooked on the notion of crowdsourcing innovation for a while now. Thought I’d share a list of 5 companies that have succeeded in building awesome platforms for social collaboration and sharing. First out on my list is Quirky: Quirky were the first movers in this game, and have found a […]

The School of Life and The surge for skill

As all forms of media make their journey into a digital, de-corporeal space, research shows that people are beginning to actually prefer this disconnected reality to owning a physical product”… This quote is from a article by Josh Allan Dykstra on FastCompany, which tries to shed light on the “evolution of conciousness”, a shift in […]