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Colors as emotional architecture building blocks

Getting a sudden craving for certain food is a widely recognised feeling…We eat to fuel our bodies, and we die without food, our bodies collapse. What is less researched is how we “fuel our minds” and more specifically how we fuel our system with visual sensory stimuli. In this blog post I’m taking a closer […]

Stockholm Makerspace meetup c/o Parallell Gallery

Last night I was the organizer of a meetup for people interested in the Stockholm Makerspace project. I had arranged for us to get together at this rather small venue called Parallell Gallery (Stockholm). I’d planned for a quiet, info oriented meetup for perhaps 20 or so people, lasting to 9pm-ish… Little did I know […]

Crowdfunding Stockholm Makerspace

Earlier this week Stockholm Makerspace (an organization I started in april alongside an awesome group of guys) launched its crowdfunding campaign on platform FundedByMe (Swedish equivalent of Kickstarter). We’ve reached 50% in the first 3 days – Wish us luck & BACK US OVER HERE!

“D.I.Ysign D.I.Yversity” – Video from my Talk on Creative Mornings

Here’s my talk on Creative Mornings Stockholm in which I adressed the topic of “D.I.Ysign D.I.Yversity”. Hope to elaborate more on that concept further on, but for now – here goes: Filippa Malmegård, ScrapHacker from CreativeMornings/Stockholm on Vimeo.

New blog. Done!

I’ve been thinking about setting up this blog for a while, and yay, now it’s DONE! Keeping the ‘getting it done’ vibe going I’m quoting Bre Pettis & Kio Starks ‘Cult of Done’ manifesto, the ultimate get-off-your-ass-and-get-it-done mantra. The ‘Cult of Done’ promotes action through the following 13 refreshing no-nonsense bullet point statements (story has […]