The Internet of Skills

I just watched the refreshing TED group talk on the notion of an Interspecies Internet featuring a hero of mine, Neil Gerschenfeld of MIT’s Center of Bits & Atoms, alongside animal cognition expert Diana Reiss, brilliant network guru and evangelist Vint Cerf and the more unlikely “geek band” member musician Peter Gabriel. Loved the idea of a group at the stage! With all the people talking about networked creativity, interconnectivity and “connecting ideas” (a talk I especially like on this topic is Steven Johson’s TED talk “Where good ideas come from” which adresses the architecture of the space where ideas happen) it strikes me as odd that the group talk format is yet a rare phenomenon, i mean, just imagine how boring the musical stages of the world would be should the concert format be limited to the same kind of one-man-show that TED have presented throughout the years!

An important point in my own TED talk last December, is that creativity is indeed best understood as a collaborative networked group effort. A great thinker that especially inspired/reinforced my own ideas on this matter was the excellent talk by Faris Yacob that I had the pleasure of catching at February’s NYC Edition of Social Media Week (see talk HERE). Faris presented a concept that was new to me, the idea of “Scenius”  (originally coined by Brian Eno) as word to describe collective creative genius and the magic that arises in conection on a crowd level. An idea associated with the Scenius notion, was also the statement that “All the one mind ideas have been thought”, an idea that I, being a big fan of networked ideas & networked people, also very much agree with (and that TED seems to have catched up on too).

Interspecies Internet

The talk on Interspecies Internet featured various takes on how new technology enables us to unlock the enigmatic intelligence so widely recognized yet so poorly understood among animals like dolphins, apes and elephants etc. Neil Gerschenfeld presented a rather interesting evolutionary path of the internet, one that he argued had now moved beyond the buzz of the “Internet of things”. The internet of things is seen as a stepping stone, a new creative technology, which, unlike the glyphic nature of the alphabet, does not exclude those who, for various reasons, cannot interpret those rather random sets of signs that has been used to enable the connection of intellect by providing a means to translate, decifer, thoughts into words. Moving beyond the alphabet, exploring new types of interfaces, enabled by new technology, now enables us to connect to previously untapped intelligence in other species.

The Internet of Skills

All of this talk on connecting people, things and now animals makes me even more keen to develop my own ideas on creating The Internet of Skills by creating a network of networks in creating a shared online platform to which i’d like to stream or feed skills shared from Makerspaces, hackspaces and fab labs around the world, of course with Stockholm Makerspace (that I was part in creating) as a skill sharing hub! I’m thinking I’m going to try to do this under the umbralla URL of that I bought the other day…

Connecting Makerspaces

And yeah I do know the whole URL thing is totally corny, but til they day we’ll Google by assocation, the alphabet will have to do as the mode to connect and decipher this thought of mine, into words that I can share with you guys. My hope is to ignite the idea of connecting skills, to reinforce the Scenius idea in a way, and connecting all of that awesome connectivity of ideas I know resides in the plentyful Makerspaces, Hackerspaces and Fab labs out there…Creating connectivity and an interface between these spaces, is an idea that really excites me. Connecting them via say, hashtagged tutorials, would enable creating an Internet of skills, something that could prove an empowering knowledge network, a renewable energy source, fueled by brainpower and with enough for everyone to come by…

Pairing The Internet of Skills, with future associative Googling, would create a seamless, exploratory knowledge network in which curiosity could thrive (without the stumbling over the rather messy knowledge market place in Google or Youtube search. Creating an Internet of Skillls, where maker oriented questions could be answered more quickly would enable “maker problems” could be solved more efficiently and give rise to sets of new questions and new sets of problems, enabling us to push the boundaries in the quest of discovery in the networked intelligence, or Scenius, made up by people, things, animals and beyond.

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