D.I.Y’ers = The new innovators

Filippa Malmegard Expressen

Being an avid fan of D.I.Y culture (and pairing it with a a collaborative Open Source ethos) I’m happy to be featured and quoted in an article today with the headline “D.I.Y’ers are the new innovators”. The article, featured in Swedish daily Expressen, is based on a pressrelease I wrote on behalf of Stockholm Makerspace when we were reaching out to the crowd in our crowdfunding plea a couple of months ago.

Filippa Malmegard, Expressen 2013

The pressrelease, in turn based on a elaborate blog post I wrote on the Stockholm Makerspace blog (also featured on this blog), was fuelled by my then recent trip to World Maker Faire in September. The blog post summarizes the rise and present state of the Maker movement, inlcluding a great deal of cases of the hybrid “Science meets craft” types of innovation which served journalists a wide array of examples to choose from. The article in Expressen also featured my own pictures, which all-in-all, made quite the exemplary presskit.

Other media that acted on the press release include the nisched tech mag Ny Teknik and the Direktpress network of local papers. Although there was a lag, between us sharing our message and journalists responding, the impact proves there as interest out there. It also proves the potential of social entrepreneurship and social innovation when paired with marketing techniques normally associated with traditional business. All in all, happy to have had our message come across, with various tweaks from journalists, such as the local paper angle stating “Now it’s time for urbanites to get crafty” or the tech mag angle “The modern open workshop coming to Sweden”

Stockholm Makerspace in the Media

Read full article on page 16 in the PDF-version of the newspaper

Stockholm Makerspace in the Media

Read article in Ny Teknik

Some of my quotes in the Expressen article:

Filippa Malmegard, Expressen

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