Eating pizza & making friends

We’re all (well, most of us anyway) on the quest of new relationships. Not necessarily relationships of the romantic kind, but of friends, people we can relate to and who hopefully on some level, relate back to us. In marketing, my line of work and interest, relationships in focus are those to potential new customers, new viewers, new listeners, new readers, depending on what you have on offer. But, in all the complexity of the contemporary marketplace, I can’t help but wonder: Are we forever lost in terminology? Have we become unable to see the woods for all the trees? Cause, the other day, going through the stack papers, receipts (and crap in general) that fill up my oversized bag on a regular basis I found a crumpled receipt from buying a pizza the day before, at this rather dingy pizza joint in the non-trendy Stockholm suburb of Huvudsta. A quick glance had stopped my instinct of tossing the piece of paper into the bin… I had noticed a message on the receipt from the dingy pizza place, it stated: “Come as a customer, leave as a FRIEND”.

Pizza Wisdom

This basic, slightly naively sounding tagline captured not only my attention, but also, something more profound. I found I could relate, I found the message relating to me. I couldn’t help but feel a relationship evolving. What dawned on me, sitting surprised with the crumbled piece of paper in hand, is that a slice of no-fuss yet friendly pizza place wisdom might just be what we’re all craving. Top that with some peperoni, or some other topping of your choice, and you might just end upp forging friendships that will last you a lifetime. Takeaway? Let’s all aim higher than scoring new customers, viewers, listeners and readers, lets make an effort to earn and create new friendships – If we succeed in doing that, I’m pretty certain the rest will follow.

PIzza Wisdom

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  1. Love it! And I agree, let us do more than just serving customers. More friendship-like relations!

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