Interview about Ikea Hacking & D.I.Y culture

About 6 months ago I was interviewed in Stockholm local Weekly ‘Mitt-I” (weekly edition of 900.000 copies). The topic discussed was the ‘Ikea Hacking’ phenomenon (the tweaking standardized IKEA products into personalized mods). The paper found me through the user generated website/platform through which I’ve shared several D.I.Y tutorials (find them listed at the bottom of this post). The headline of the article was “Cracking the IKEA code” and featured some snaps of me and my home alongside some of my advice on how to get into the Ikea hacker mindset – (CLICK HERE TO READ ARTICLE)

Some of my IKEA Hacks published on

Customized IKEA Billy Bookshelves

IKEA Hemnes Hacked hallway storage solution

IKEA Gorm shelves ➔ Bathtub front panel

IKEA Forså lamp ➔ Arty branch lamp

IKEA Ekby shelves ➔ Cube table


  1. […] after I was featured in the article discussing Ikea Hacking & the rise of D.I.Y culture, I was contacted by the producers of corporate Web TV format HandelsbankenTV (Handelsbanken is a […]

  2. […] The guys in the group had been discussing hackspaces in a forum, one of them had spotted me in the local paper interview that had featured my ideas on D.I.Y culture and in which I was quoted saying that I’d like to set up a hackspace. He mentioned my name in […]

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