‘Hello Etsy’ Revisited

Last September, now about a year back, I went to Berlin for ‘Hello Etsy’, a conference merging craft, e-commerce and D.I.Y in quite an appetizing and inspiring mix. The event marked the official launch of Etsy (the online marketplace for handmade) in Germany and featured lots of cool speakers from the e-commerce start-up community Holstee, Bitly, Threadless and Tom’s were represented by either founders or great online community managers. For me personally, the event turned out to be a trigger of my creative confidence, soon after coming back home I developed my ideas on the D.I.Y hub of ideas that eventually became my blog ScrapHacker.com. There were lots of inspiring nuggets in the meetup mix, I gathered some of my favorites below, touching upon creative confidence, the inherent power of social media & the need for sustainable business models:

Etsy CEO Chad Dickerson gave a great speach, as did Michiel Schwarz, author of Sustainism and believer in Open Source Design & Charles Festa of Threadless, whose quirky sense of humor charmed the ladies…

Digitally savvy Etsy vendors filled the chairs at the various events, coming from as far as from Hawaii. I made some great new friends during the event, and created a Tumblr blog featuring my snaps, thought I’d link to it from here too!

For all pics, head to helloetsy2011.tumblr.com


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