The Maker movement crosses the Atlantic – TED announces “D.I.Y Revolution”

I was thrilled to read about the Maker Movement in The Guardian article “Satellites in the shed? TEDGlobal announces the new DIY revolution” The article covered a recent TEDxGlobal event in Edinburgh, where D.I.Y & the maker movement stood out as a major theme. Quoted in the article was Catarina Mota, co-founder of OSHWA (Open Source Hardware foundation) & Catarina is part of NYC Resistor, one of the better known hackerspaces in the world thanks to the success of the Makerbot 3D-printer and spin-off Thingiverse. She is also a recent new acquaintance of mine by way of energetic entrepreneur Carl Bärstad of Sparkling Science who’s setting up a series of TEDx events in Stockholm in 2012 & 2013 and who got to know Catarina in Edinburgh. Among other clever quotes from Catarina, here’s a favorite:

Like most makers, she’s self-taught. “A lot of people were doing these sorts of things as kids and then stopped,” she said. “As manufactured goods became cheaper, we became consumers. But now everything has changed. We don’t accept things as they are given to us. We make technology work for us. And we can make a living from it: it’s not just a hobby. It has the potential to change economics profoundly.

Manu Prakash from Stanford demonstrating printable 50 cent microscopes! Read the full article here: “Satellites in the shed? TEDGlobal announces the new DIY revolution”

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