Losing my AirBNB virginity

I lost my AirBNB virginity in Biarritz. It was a great first time. I was seduced by a discreet yet dashing villa owned and run by an artsy beauty called Suliane. Only one week earlier, I felt love at first sight spotting the handsome, quirky cool house while browsing AirBNB after booking RyanAir tickets on an impulsive whim. A breezy cool host profile pic paired with awesome interior décor & and laid back writing style further enhanced my gut feeling about the place, I felt I could relate.

I found myself arriving one Thursday in June. Along with sunblock, I had packed a kind of heartfelt joy, something I rarely feel before arriving at an hotel. Originality, adventure and pricing is what sets the AirBNB experience apart from booking a hotel online (which I find a tedious chore). Browsing AirBNB ticks a lot of dreamy boxes, the thrill of a bargain, the chase of beauty, the search for connection.

With AirBNB presenting so many options, skills in the art of browsing and selecting come well in hand. Being an avid vintage & flea market shopper certainly helps….Just like the flea market challenges traditional definitions of value, AirBNB makes the objective “star system rating” of hotels seem hopelessly outdated, and raises questions on the relation of value to cost, and subsequently What’s luxury today? I say toss the minibar and embroidered hotel slippers, tap into adventure and go for beer at the beach & 5 euro espadrilles instead.

Some snaps from my stay below – Book your stay @Villa ExteGorria in Biarritz here


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