New blog. Done!

I’ve been thinking about setting up this blog for a while, and yay, now it’s DONE! Keeping the ‘getting it done’ vibe going I’m quoting Bre Pettis & Kio Starks ‘Cult of Done’ manifesto, the ultimate get-off-your-ass-and-get-it-done mantra. The ‘Cult of Done’ promotes action through the following 13 refreshing no-nonsense bullet point statements (story has it, the result of a 20 minute brain storming session):

Since first published online back in 2009, these statements have wandered about the internet and resulted in massive conversion of online inspiration into real life action. For some instant “DONE!” inspiration, check out the ‘Cult of Done’ group on Facebook, in which members share their thrill of “done!” (and the challenge to get there) with a bunch of funny examples, however big or small.

With that said and done(!), away I go blogging, hoping to prove that indeed “done is the engine of more”…


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